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Inching Closer to the Promise of New Treatments


Over the last decade, it has become increasingly apparent that several antidepressants possess
anti-inflammatory properties. We plan to directly examine the role of Psilocybin in treating neuroinflammatory diseases.


Learn the Science


The Biomarker

Mynd's proprietary biomarkers (which are naturally occurring compounds in the body's bloodstream) will target and monitor levels of inflammation, allowing for an early diagnosis and ultimately a higher chance of disease prevention.



The Gene
is the Key

We've potentially identified the master trigger gene that regulates inflammation. The more the gene is expressed, the less inflammation. The gene regulates various immune responses and has been associated with many autoimmune disorders. Our biomarker measures the level of this gene.

Our gene pathway patent applications are the culmination of nearly 30 years of experience and research performed by Chief Science Officer, Dr. Wilfred Jefferies. Dr. Jefferies publication in a prestigious medical journal in 2017 linked the gene and inflammation and led to further meta-analytic research linking the gene and neuroinflammatory diseases.

The ownership of this intellectual property is a significant accomplishment that forms the foundation in the development of a treatment for MDD, and other inflammatory illnesses utilizing Psilocybin and significantly advances the company towards the second stage of clinical studies.


Did You Know Depression is Now Thought of as an Inflammatory Disease? 

Emerging scientific research has shown that psilocybin possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties. We plan to directly examine the role of Psilocybin in reducing neuroinflammation.


Our Intellectual Property

PCT Patent App
PCT Patent App
PCT Patent App

A Method of Treating Depression by Immune Modulation

A Method of Immune Modulation by Modulating a Specific Gene

Use of Psychedelics
to treat Dementia


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Groundbreaking Research in a World Class Facility


Mynd is engaged in collaborative research with the world-renowned Michael Smith Laboratories at the University of British Columbia. Our goal is to precisely identify the objective physical causes of neurological psychiatric disorders and develop new Health Canada and FDA-approved drugs, which will help people heal. Our preclinical evidence with mice in labs indicates that a common denominator in several psychiatric disorders is inflammation. Understanding the mechanisms for neuroinflammation and how to turn it off will make all the difference.

This research is LEGALLY conducted under a part J exemption granted by Health Canada to conduct R&D on restricted and controlled substances.

The 38 licenses that the company holds allow for research into 38 different analogues of Psilocybin thereby determining which one is most effective in modulating the gene and subsequent decrease in inflammatory and immune responses leading to a reduction in depressive symptoms.


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